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B E A D M A K I N G - W O R K S H O P S

About Kristina's Workshops, Lectures & Demos:
Kristina truly loves sharing her knowledge with others. Her 20+ years of making glass beads and teaching beadmaking enable her to challenge and inform beadmakers at any level. Kristina concentrates on each student's individual needs in order to help them move forward in their own beadmaking.


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Corning, NY

June 26
July 1

Beadmaking: Expanding Your Skills

Expand your flameworking and beadmaking skills, and get your questions answered. Explore a broad spectrum of techniques including various surface decorations, dots galore, clear casing, and working large beads. Focus on troubleshooting common mistakes and difficulties. Some beadmaking experience is required.

Corning Museum of Glass
Corning, NY

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Updated January 2017