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Glas bead by Kristina Logan

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Kristina Logan at workOPEN STUDIO!

---better known as the 7th annual Portsmouth Holiday Arts Tour
The Weekend before Thanksgiving!

I open my studio once each year as part of the Portsmouth Holiday Arts Tour.

This is a great reason to come spend the day in beautiful, historic Portsmouth, New Hampshire and visit a collection of artist studios. Think global, shop local!

220 South Street
Portsmouth, NH

More info: http://www.portsmouthartstour.com/

Pâte de verre boxes in progress by Kristina Logan
  Ongoing Shows...

Strung Together - Beads, People & History

Beads by Kristina Logan

Strung Together celebrates beads and beadwork from around the world, spanning thousands of years and six continents. Blending items from our anthropological collections with works by contemporary artists, Strung Together invites you to discover a world of stories behind the beauty of beads.

On view April 8, 2016 through February 5, 2017
University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History
1680 E. 15th Ave. Eugene, OR 97403-1224

More info...



Updated: January 2017